Getting Started

Try three free sessions to make sure you love Modig

A new workout experience can feel intimidating even for the most seasoned athlete. Our environment is dedicated to support every individual to accomplish their fitness goals. Starting with your three free sessions at CrossFit Modig, you will reach goals you may have never though possible.

What We Offer:

  1. CrossFit- a full fledged strength and conditioning program designed to increase your fitness in any way imaginable.
  2. CrossFit Unloaded Classes- all the great benefits off CrossFit without the heavy barbells.
  3. Yoga Classes- Learn to move and control your body, add flexibility, and prevent injury.
  4. Kids CrossFit- a safe and fun environment for kids to get active and instill healthy exercise habits.
  5. Personal Training- individual and small group training
  6. Nutritional Training- take your training to the next level by laying a solid nutritional foundation.

What to Expect:

  1. Start with three free sessions with the best gym community in the area.
  2. Discuss your exercise, injury and health history and nutritional goals.
  3. Complete our On-Ramp program to familiarize you with expectations and execution of CrossFit movements.
  4. Personalized coaching in your daily CrossFit workouts.
  5. Insane results.

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