CrossFit Modig Member Profile – Melissa Wilson

Let’s meet Melissa Wilson! She’s been a member of CrossFit Modig since October, goes by the nickname Mel-Dozer and recently brought her hubby in to Modig for the Raffle Ticket Referral program!

  1. Where did you grow up? Majority of my life Colorado- I moved to Monument in 2000. Prior to this I lived in New Mexico, Texas and was born in upstate New York. I went to Colorado State University and then moved to the Denver Metro and lived here ever since. 
  2. How long have you been CrossFitting? 4 years 
  3. What is your favorite WOD? Anything with Double-Unders or Box Jumps
  4. What’s your favorite lift? Power Cleans
  5. What’s your least favorite CF move? Overhead Squats 
  6. What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit? That you will get hurt. I have had numerous people tell me they wouldn’t give CrossFit a try because they are scared they will get hurt. I immediately argue back that if you scale appropriately and listen to your body you will have no problems at all.
  7. What’s your favorite non-CrossFit activity? Anything outdoors and I am a happy girl. I try to get out and camp, hike, and ski as much as possible. Also traveling – I will never turn down a new adventure.
  8. How have your nutritional habits changed since starting CrossFit? Absolutely, if I am working out I want to eat food that will fuel my body. I didn’t use to cook much prior to joining CrossFit because I was 25 and didn’t know how to cook for just myself. Starting CrossFit made me realize that eating clean doesn’t have to be difficult and I focus on recipes with minimal ingredients and high quality proteins. 
  9.  What’s your nickname? Mel, Mel-Dozer
  10. What do you do for a living? I sell Residential Elevators and Lifts
  11. What’s something about you that people don’t know? I was on TV for 2 years. My company did some TV Advertising on Denver Channel 7 for a 2 year contract and I was the face and voice for the ads that ran 40 times per week.
  12. How has CrossFit impacted you? I was never an athletic person growing up. I also never went to the gym to work out. After college I realized I needed some sort of physical activity in my life. My sister ended up moving in with me and her passion has always been in health and fitness, so she convinced me to go to CrossFit with her. Let’s just say I was immediately hooked. I have surprised myself in so many ways when I look back and think of where I started. Now I look forward to working out!