CrossFit Modig Member Profile – Courtney Lake

Please meet one of our new members, Courtney Lake! Courtney has been a member of CrossFit Modig since July and will be getting married in two weeks! Enjoy “meeting” Courtney and learning a bit more about her.

  • Where did you grow up? New Jersey, or as some people like to say, “Joi-Zee”
  • How long have you been CrossFitting? On and off since 2012. 
  • What is your favorite WOD?  Cindy.
  • What’s your favorite lift? Lately I am becoming more confident in my power snatch, and look forward to continued improvement.
  • What’s your least favorite CF move? Oh geeze, probably split jerk – had a silly back injury from going too heavy.
  • What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit?  That all boxes/affiliations are created equal! (I’m so lucky to have stumbled upon Modig shortly after moving to CO.)  I tend to encourage folks to give it another try if they’ve had a less than optimal experience their first go-round.
  • What’s your favorite non-CrossFit activity?  Hiking with my dogs, trail running when the altitude isn’t kicking my butt.
  • How have your nutritional habits changed since starting CrossFit? I’ve tried it all since starting… Paleo, Whole 30, Keto (for like 2 days), and most recently Renaissance Periodization (addicted to my night time casein ritual).  I’m typically most successful when I keep it simple — loosely counting macros, and enjoying good clean food.
  •  What’s your nickname?  Court, Corky, Aunt Cookie
  • What do you do for a living?  Quit my corporate job of 22 years earlier this year, and in the process of starting up a small business.
  • What’s something about you that people don’t know?  In a former life, I completed a 100 mile trail run (ultra)…at sea level, mind you!
  • How has CrossFit impacted you?  It helps me to get out of my comfort zone, increases my confidence, and pushes me to do better.  I have made life long friends through CrossFit who support and encourage me in all areas of life.  There’s nothing quite like CrossFit community!
  • What is one of your fitness/wellness goals right now?  I am getting married in 2 weeks and rather than focusing on the scale (losing LBs) before the wedding, my goal is to be strong and healthy – be the best version of me!!